Schulim Krimper Queensland Blackbean Coffee Table, Melbourne c.1955

Schulim Krimper Queensland Blackbean Coffee Table, Melbourne c.1955


Krimper's superb handling of his materials is obvious in this table - a beautiful figured timber top, edges chamfered and joints beautifully fitted. 

The table dates c.1955, estimating from other examples of Krimper's work. This example at the Art Gallery of Ballarat shows a cabinet of similar proportions, technique and style:,-schulim.aspx

The table is technically and stylistically correct for Krimper. The evident skill in the handling of fine native timber, the proportions, the chamfering of edges (typical of Krimper), through-pegged joints (like 'through tenon' joints) and a particular stylistic element - concentric circles on the crossbar end plate - are all significant features of Krimper's work. There is a good example of the same concentric circles in a Blackbean Krimper lamp sold by Shapiro in Sydney. Please enquire for further images and documented provenance.


Length 137 cm

Width 58.5 cm

Height 41 cm


Excellent restored condition. Every effort has been made to preserve an original finish. Minimal intervention, no sanding, the table has been alcohol wiped to clean it of the old shellac and wax finish. Two thin layers of shellac have been applied. A layer of hardwax oil protects the top from heat and moisture. The whole completed with a rubbed paste wax finish.

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