Hand Carved Green Marble Totemic Sculpture, Unsigned Jencik, Melbourne c.1998

Hand Carved Green Marble Totemic Sculpture, Unsigned Jencik, Melbourne c.1998


Another wonderful marble sculpture with an intriguing provenance. Unsigned. Part of a series by Paul Jencik, circa 1998-2001.

This totemic sculpture carved in Tinos Green marble, is made from three laminated blocks and has attractive veining, particularly on one side. This assertive, exuberant upright form can be interpreted in many ways but, as with all his sculptures, Jencik is referencing human, animal and natural forms together, never allowing us to reach a conclusion.

Jencik was a welder, boatbuilder and metal worker with a strong creative instinct but without the opportunity or artistic training that would afford his work any recognition. He created a large series of marble and timber sculptures of notable stylistic and artistic merit. He was active in the fringe Arts movement around Melbourne's western suburbs through the 1990s and early 2000s.

A notable feature of Jencik’s work is its robust and humorous energetic expression.

Stylistically, his work carries strong elements of 1990s pop culture, graphic design, Pop Art, and Street Art. Some of the more heavy-weight artistic and design works it brings to mind are those of Philippe Starck, Keith Haring, Wendell Castle and Constantin Brancusi.

Most notably, however, Jencik's work stands out as his own unique expression of the 90s street aesthetic - it is completely of its time but utterly individual.

His strange biomorphic forms create a curious sense of the familiar but can never quite be pinned down - are they mineral, botanical, animal, human? Something is struggling to emerge - is it menacing or vulnerable? It’s hard to fix on any finite definition and so these works have the curious quality of continually playing on our subconscious and compelling our attention.

Our conclusion is that Jencik's sculptures are like small, energetic idols. Yes, they are playful explorations of the materials he had at hand - they frequently feature lamination of different coloured stones - but there’s a deeper paradox in these forms. They’re bound by bands of tension crossing the surface at every angle and a barely contained energy bulges out of the boundaries.

Perhaps this is emblematic of the artist's drive to realise his unique artistic expression in spite of the constraints of his time, place and circumstances.

The examples we've acquired are a small selection of his prolific work. We feel sure he’ll find greater recognition as more are discovered and come to market.

We are currently seeking contact with the artist.


Height 34.7 cm

Width 13 cm

Depth 10 cm at base, 4 cm through upright


Excellent. Some scuffs, very insignificant.

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