These Terms and Conditions in no way affect your statutory rights. 


Insurance of goods in transit, with the exception of small parcels, is the responsibility of the customer. All small parcels are sent fully insured with Australia Post or our parcel Couriers.

Australian law forbids us taking out insurance on the customer’s behalf for Goods in Transit. If you wish to insure you items in transit, the shipping company can include this in their quote. You should make a direct insurance agreement via the shipping company or with an independent insurer.

To clarify, we are fully insured (Public Indemnity, Cargo, Fire and Theft), however, this is Business Insurance and only covers loss/damage of goods for the business. It does not cover loss or damage of goods for the customer at retail value.

Our Guarantee

Our aim is to provide you with furniture and objects you love. We’re confident you’ll enjoy your purchase. We’re happy to discuss any concern you might have before purchasing.

We don’t generally accept returns. However, if it can be shown that we have misrepresented the piece either in condition or description, a full refund will be given.

Return shipping is the responsibility of the client.

Please make sure to open and inspect your order within 48 hours of receipt, and contact us if there is a problem. Any claims cannot be made thereafter.

Ethical practice

We’re proud of our ethical practice in selling and always offer an honest description of the condition and quality of our goods.

All items are second hand and many are over 50 years old, therefore very few items we sell are in ‘as new’ condition.

Cabinet de Luxe therefore presents each item as clearly and accurately as possible. This includes images, a detailed description and a brief condition report. If you are concerned about the condition of an item, please use the enquiry button on the item listing or simply call us for a full and transparent account.

We research carefully to ensure correct identification. We will never knowingly misrepresent an item.

Where items cannot be 100% clearly identified we may use the term ‘Attrib.’ meaning ‘attributed to’. This indicates a high probability but not a guarantee of the work belonging to the stated designer/maker.

We may sell items that are clearly not by the original designer but are based on or following the style of that designer/maker. In this case items will be termed ‘in the style of’ or ‘after’.

We do not sell reproduction or replica items. The only exception to this standard would be rare notable early copies of high quality and this will always be clearly stated in the description.

We buy furniture

We’re Licenced Second-hand Dealers. We’re always willing to look at furniture, art and objects you may wish to sell.

If you wish to sell, please send a clear, well-focussed image of the item/items and your contact details and location in an email.

Be aware that the law requires us to collect and record contact details and photographic ID from anyone selling second hand goods to us.

We do not provide estimates of value. You can approach an auction house or insurance valuation expert for this service.


All our stock is available for hire. Please enquire about rates and conditions.