About Cabinet de luxe


Hi, I'm Emma and I own and run Cabinet de Luxe.

Thanks for dropping by to learn more about us!

Cabinet de Luxe delivers the goods to interior designers and stylists...

Hire or purchase, getting your hands on our stuff is a doddle - great hire rates, trade discounts, friendly service and timely delivery/collection.

Take a look at the East Melbourne Residence photo shoot for Flack Studio. The Warren McArthur chair, Christian Dell 'President' Lamp and Carl Jacobs 'Jason' plywood chair were all supplied by Cabinet de Luxe. Styling by Marcia Golemac. Photography by Brook Holm.

Cabinet de Luxe is an independent supplier of beautifully restored 20th Century vintage furnishings and objects. We specialise in lighting.  

The name translates from the French as 'Bureau of Luxury', which makes me the Bureau Chief, because there are a lot of other players in this bureau. 

While I own and run the business, many people - restorers, upholsterers, metal workers, wood turners, researchers, delivery folk and even other dealers - contribute to its success. These various experts and highly skilled specialists enable me to find, restore and resell a range of exciting and unusual items.

I've been a collector since I was a kid and, as often happens to collectors, selling becomes part of the deal if you want to continue. I've been dealing in design for fifteen years. I sold through Christies and Sotheby's while living in the UK, on 1stdibs.com more recently and through my own website in Australia for the last four years. 

I never tire of exploring 20th Century design - the thrill of finding something unique, the fascinating research and the reward of bringing beautiful items back to their functional and aesthetic best.

I also enjoy the matchmaking - my job is essentially to put objects in touch with the people who'll love and care for them for years to come or, vice versa, to put people in touch with the objects they need to complete their interior project or enrich their living or work space.  

Sure, some of my sales are completed entirely online, however, I usually interact with each customer in the real world by phone, email and/or in person at the showroom. Together we negotiate enjoyable transactions, from finding an agreeable price right through to delivery and occasionally installation.

In short, it's my pleasure to offer the best possible service from start to finish. I look forward to meeting you and helping you find the furniture and lighting you've been looking for.

Some of the information and services I offer include:

  • the item's provenance and design history, maintenance advice, styling recommendations
  • in-person delivery where appropriate - depending on my availability and the size and fragility of the item
  • installation of precious glass light fixtures, at a fixed hourly rate, coordinated with an electrician
  • follow up after purchase and a no-fuss returns policy