Australian Early Replica of Corona Pendant Light by Jo Hammerborg, circa 1970

Australian Early Replica of Corona Pendant Light by Jo Hammerborg, circa 1970


Price per light. Five available.

Jo Hammerborg's beautiful cone shaped Corona pendant was produced by Fog and Morup in Denmark in 1963. Someone in Australia took a liking to the design and had it reproduced in spun aluminium and steel, to the exact shape and size specifications of Hammerborg's design.

Outwardly, these pendants appear to be Hammerborg originals and certainly date from the 1960s or perhaps early 1970s. The differences are subtle.

Notably, the tabs that hold the three main parts of the light together are narrower in these lights and branch inwards to meet a ring fitting around a central bulb holder. This branch and ring arrangement does not exist in the Fog and Morup production, which instead leaves the bulb holder hanging freely inside the light.

Another difference is the reflective surface inside the steel ring. In the original this is Fuschia or Magenta, in our Australian version it's a metallic Copper colour. There are also ventilation holes around the top surface of the light, not found in the original.

No matter the differences, these lights function just as the originals do and they illustrate a theme common in Australian design during the mid-century period - the necessity of reproduction due to distance and isolation.


Diameter 24 cm

Height of shade 46 cm

Drop adjustable


Very good. Cleaned, polished, minor dings, scuffs and marks. Heavier wear on interior inc. discolouration of interior paint, some minor paint loss interior only. New cloth cord and new ceiling cap on all five lights. Tested and tagged electrically safe.

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