Guzzini 'Toledo' Up and Down Pendant, Italy 1970s

Guzzini 'Toledo' Up and Down Pendant, Italy 1970s


One available only

A superb pair of ‘Toledo’ pendant lights by Guzzini. These are Art.3020 and the Guzzini archive shows they were designed by (waiting for confirmation), Luigi Massoni for Harvey Guzzini.

These are larger in scale than most Guzzini lights with a nice wide shade. While the bulbs can be seen directly, the ability to lower the light to the level you require will ensure you don’t experience any glare. The high quality Rolly up/down mechanism accurately positions the light at any height.


Shade diameter 45 cm

Shade height 30 cm

Short drop 66 cm (contracted fully)

Long drop 150 cm (extended fully)


First light in excellent condition with a few minor scuffs to the shade barely discernible. Rolly up/down mechanism in great functional condition. Second light Rolly mechanism in stiff but functional condition and there’s a 2cm square cutout from the top rim of the ceiling cap. Otherwise excellent condition.


Three B15 (Small Bayonet Cap, SBC) bulbs. Supplied with a set of opal/frosted low energy LED globes w very long life. These are a true warm white colour temperature (2700K) and the LED ensures they stay cool, so will not heat or discolour the plastic shade. Beautiful, softly deffused light.

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