Travertine Bookends, attrib. to Fratelli Mannelli, Italy c.1970

Travertine Bookends, attrib. to Fratelli Mannelli, Italy c.1970


Price is for the pair.

A pair of abstract sculptural bookends. These have no label but they’re firmly in the style of travertine objects by Fratelli Mannelli, dating from the 1970s.

Most of the Mannelli sculptures were of stylised animals - crocodiles, giraffe, rhinos etc. These could be two horses with heads turned back to scratch their backs but it’s not obvious when you first look at them and perhaps fanciful on my part (see image no. 6).

They can be used as bookends or purely decorative items, stacked in various arrangements.

In their uneven but beautifully balanced arrangement of shapes and voids they remind us of the work of legendary Italian architect/designer Carlo Scarpa (this is not an attribution, just an association).


Height 26 cm

Width 14 cm

Depth 5 cm


Very good to excellent. Beautiful natural stone means the surfaces are not even - there are natural cavities and some corners and edges include natural voids. They each appear to be of one solid piece of stone but are in fact each made of two separate parts. Final images attempt to show seams. Some of the resin attaching the two parts is visible but not obtrusive in the seam of one book end. See images.

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